Government is too big, too expensive and too intrusive.Edit

The city and the state have grown and grown throughout the years. The Federal government has grown too. But in the city, the growth is especially accute as the population has shurnk. Furthermore, in the city, with one-party rule, we've been saddled with over payments. We have over paid.

Fraud with basic services, such as overtime or the cleaning of catch-basins has been the norm.

Our leaders have not been prudent. Our leaders don't feel the pressure to be prudent, re-evaluate, think again, tighten purse strings.

The bigness, its spending and the burdens come with a price tag.Edit

We pay. Our taxes fund all their foolishness.

That's our money. Whether it comes from the city, state, feds, Water and Sewer Authority, or RAD taxes. Its ours. The selfish party hacks want to keep it and spend it. Let's think again. Another approach is to say you deserve a refund. Our best hope for getting our money back is to vote for a solid independent with principles and a background that stresses liberty.

I want you to get your money back. This campaign puts people first.

Libertarians want you to have more control over your life.Edit

Democrats and Republicans want Government to have more control.

Libertarians trust people to know what is best for them.Edit

We want to take power out of the hands of the Government and put power in the hands of the people. The Libertarian is the party of individual freedom and personal responsibility.

The less a politician trusts you, the more power he wants over you. The more power government has, the less choice you have. Every government program puts more power in the hands of government and less in yours. Every federal program makes the government more powerful and makes you less free.

Big government gets into your life and pushes you around. We don't need the city to take more of what we earn and use our money to tell us what to do.

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