Smoking PolicyEdit

May 2007Edit

Dear Friends and Customers of Club Café,

I’m writing to announce that as of Monday, May 21st, Club Café will become a non-smoking venue for all shows.

This decision is certainly inevitable and imminent for all nightclub, bar and restaurant establishments. But we’ve decided to accelerate to a non-smoking policy now, rather than wait for the city to institute the new law.

For the past few years we have struggled with this issue. As a nightclub and music venue, we have loyal patrons on both sides of the fence. No matter what course we decided, we knew we would potentially alienate certain customers.

About 2 years ago we did create an “artist decision” policy on our shows, meaning that the artist would decide if they wanted a smoking or non-smoking show. It has worked out pretty well, but there was still some inconsistency which caused confusion with our customers.

Many of you told us you would frequent Club Café more often if we were a non-smoking venue. Now we are.

We are pleased to make this decision and hope you are too. We know it will positively impact the working environment for our employees, the performing environment for our national and local artists, and of course the listening and relaxing environment for you...our valued patrons.

We trust that our smoking customers will understand and support this decision too. Of course smoking will still be available on the sidewalk in front of Club Cafe.

Finally, since we have had enormous internal debate on this issue over the past few years, I would love to hear from each of you on how you feel about our decision. Send me an email with your thoughts. Will it be better for you, or not? Or drop me a line on any other Club Café item that may be on your mind.

As always, thanks for your continued patronage over the years. And thanks for supporting live music in Pittsburgh at Club Cafe. Come see us soon.

Marco Cardamone, Co-Owner

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