Also know as Collier Township


  • Suburban Pittsburgh in the south portion of Allegheny County


2008 electionEdit

Roger Horgan and Kay Downey-Clarke were elected president and vice president, respectively, Monday night after four rounds of nominations.

Newly elected Commissioner Robert Schuler first nominated Mr. Horgan, who was president in 2005-2006, but the motion received no second. Neither did a motion by Commissioner Bill Snider, who nominated Mrs. Downey-Clarke as president.

A motion by Mrs. Downey-Clarke for Mr. Snider was seconded by Mr. Snider, but was defeated 3-2 with Mr. Horgan, Mr. Schuler and Commissioner Wilson Durisko opposed.

Finally, Mr. Durisko nominated Mr. Horgan, and Mr. Schuler seconded the motion, which passed 3-2 with Mr. Snider and Mrs. Downey-Clarke dissenting.

Mr. Schuler then nominated Mrs. Downey-Clarke for vice president, which was seconded by Mr. Horgan. She was elected unanimously.

Also, Charles Means was reappointed solicitor and Lennon Smith Souleret was reappointed engineer. Hosack Specht Muetzel and Wood was approved to audit Collier's financial statements for 2008.

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