• The proposed, annual commuter tax of $144 did not pass. Rather, a fee of $52 was introduced in 2004.
  • Worldwide, more people commute by bicycle than by any other vehicle.

Love and Hate Relationship with Commuters in PittsburghEdit

Kinship with regional residents and city residents extends among sports fans but is discounted among voters and most matters of politics.Edit

Opposition Mayor Tom Murphy and others in city government have caused a large gulf between city and suburban interests. Actions have included:

  • Increased the parking tax.
  • Increased and recently decreased in the city's amusement tax.
  • Calling for a $144 per person per year commuter tax.
  • Fighting with State Legislative members from western Pennsylvania.
  • Harsh towing of cars and treatments at the city owned and operated auto-pound.

Platform The real struggle for both survival and prosperity isn't beteen city resident and suburban resident. Rather, in our modern times, both the city and the county residents need to thrive.



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