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Example: In New York City's transit strike, a news agency, NY1, asked on its web site, "Have a story about your commute? Email us." NY1 got hundreds of replies from viewers. Valuable insights from commuters should flow to the city, for better and for worse.
  • Messages obtained via the new commuters' portal on the city's web site should be made public and be organized into a quantified results, for accountability's sake.
  • The communter tax, regardless of its amount, acts more like another band-aid for the city and less like a viable, long-term solution to the problems we face.
Philly can get away with a commuter tax because the city and county are one in the same. In Pittsburgh, the city is smaller.
  • A high commuter tax makes for higher motivations to move additional wage earners and commerce out of the city. A business could move to Green Tree, outside of the city limits, and avoid the commuter tax for all of its employees. The city needs to encourage businesses to move downtown and to other neighborhoods, not move out of the city.

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