Mayor's Complaint Center closed.Edit

The Act 47 plan calls for the closing of the mayor's complaint service center. Six employees from the complaint center have an unknown fate.

  • The calls can flow into the City Council's office and the automated system. Each city council person has three staffers.

The $50-million on a good year, curb cuts.

Engineering and Contruction folded into Public Works. E&C let many contracts that did not come up for review by the Review Commission. A number of B-contracts have not come up for review either.

A certain, higher level of cooperation happens before the budget is passed and it goes away after the budget is passed.

Solicitor, clairity that all contracts are reviewed.

All departments need to provide the data so the commission can provide the scrutiny.

All the authority Not just consturction. The state and federal dollars are slipping through the cracks. Not tracking and monitoring.

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