Confidentiality contracts are avoided, always.Edit

Insights I won't go there. Edit

I've made it a policy for the past decade to avoid non-disclosure agreements. I'm not willing to be put under the burden of keeping secrets. If you want a confidentiality stipulation in a contract, you are not welcome in my camp. You might want to go to the Mt. Lebanon School Board instead.

In the past, my dealings with the high-tech world of computers, software, internet and even my own business plans pitched to places such as AOL's Greenhouse I dealt with non-disclosure agreements. There was a time when I pushed a different approach and tried to inject a "picket fence" around business ventures.

Details Mayor's office is not the State Department Edit

Mayors or even state senators can function without secrets as these roles are not about commanding troops in combat, leading spy gathering forces nor stealth dealings. Sure, things can happen under the radar. Sure, only a knucklehead would tip off on-going investigations into corruptions. But,I'd not conpromise my rights and abilitys to speak clearly as I see best.

Mt. Lebanon School Board Edit

In 2004, a new school superintendent, Dr. Sable, resigned from her position with a $500,000 buy out and a contract with a confidentiality stipulation. I would have never gone for such a deal.


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