• City of Pittsburgh has an elected controller as does Allegheny County.


Candidates for Pittsburgh Controller in 2007 may include:Edit

History Big cuts. Edit

The Pgh controllers office had nine spots open before the Act 47 plans were put out. Those nine spots were not filled so as to keep the budget expenses lower. Now another 18 or 20 positions are to be cut, as per the Act 47 plan. The controller's office is going to be about 45 employees.

Outsourced work from the controller's office goes to others at $170 per hour. That amount is going to be paid for outsourced work while the Controller's office was paying $12 per hour plus benefits.

Tri-annual property tax assessment.

Regular refunds per year, 6,000 to 7,000. Now there have been changes to the state and the refunds are at a pace of 35,000 per year. This number is not going to go down.

A Judge Wetick in the early 90s said it would take 72 people to do the work.

Controller goes to the budget.

Both boards want more information. New reports are being created to give access to information to the ICA and Act 47 stewards.



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