City council passes curfew for teens in December 2006Edit

Youths younger than 18 must be off Erie's streets by 10 p.m. on Sundays through Thursdays under a curfew passed this week by city council.

Too many children are out at night with nothing to do, which makes it easy for adults to tempt them with alcohol, marijuana or gambling, said Ed Dawson, chairman of the Erie Neighborhood Watch Council, which developed the curfew guidelines.

The curfew will reduce the number of youths committing crimes and becoming crime victims, police Chief Steve Franklin said.

Colleen McDonald, 15, who presented council with signatures from 90 curfew opponents, said more money for schools would do more to resolve problems facing youths. The curfew likely won't be obeyed by teens who engage in risky behavior, she said.

The curfew is expected to take effect next month.


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