Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I see that state Sen. John Pippy, R, Moon, is using the tactic favored in our Congress: make a tough stand on a hot voter issue to appease the angry electorate but design the action to occur four or more years later when hopefully voters have forgotten about their outrage ("Legislature needs to earn voters' trust," Aug. 2 and

Pippy proposes reduction in the size of the General Assembly.

I say no. Don't waver. Let's get it done in this election. Stick with the plan to vote out the incumbents who steal our money constantly.

Let us also insist that the newly elected lawmakers immediately pursue cutting their houses in half.

We do not need a census to merge neighboring districts. We can let a Carnegie Mellon software program do it.

The rural vs. urban argument is nonsense. A 2-into-1 merger of existing districts maintains the same rural vs. urban distribution. Vote proudly for the candidate who volunteers to leave after the downsizing is successful.

Thus, I strongly disagree with Jake Haulk of the Allegheny Institute, who favors accountability over reduction.

In the for-profit world, failed accountability results in getting the ax. Quickly. And the next person learns to be accountable.

Michael Pochan, North Huntingdon

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