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  • Was candidate for Allegheny County Executive



Top Ten Things Dr. Cyril Wecht could do to get his Coroner’s job back and have the charges dropped to summary offenses.Edit

  1. . Agree to put video poker machines in the backroom of the coroner’s office. If the backroom is already taken, put the video machines anywhere.
  2. . Change your name to Dr. Cyril “Boom Boom” Carleone.
  3. . Pledge an endowment to the Vatican, notice I said pledge, no funds will ever need to change hands.
  4. . Agree to dress up as Cardinal Law in Pittsburgh’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Little people dressed as altar boys and girls will have to follow behind you. Using real children would be too tacky.
  5. . Any bodies that show up at the morgue from the casino at Station Square and are riddled with bullets will be ruled an accidental death.

I’ll do the other five when I have a little more time.

Mike Ference, a.k.a. The Mon Dawn

Judge Could Dismiss Case Against Cyril Wecht, Decision Expected WednesdayEdit

POSTED: 6:15 pm EDT May 30, 2006

PITTSBURGH -- Channel 11 has learned new developments in the Cyril Wecht investigation. A judge will decide whether to dismiss the case altogether. The decision is expected Wednesday. And it could mean an end to a case that's been building for months. Wecht’s lawyers argued the case is crumbling and claim the FBI agents who gathered evidence used faulty warrants. At 3 p.m on Wednesday federal judge Arthur Schwab will make public his decision.

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