Volunteerism Edit

Bill Peduto said his is in favor of volunteerism. Not only am I in favor of volunteerism, it is something that I do and will champion to the highest levels.

Sure, volunteers need to feel ownership. That ownership stake then generates the investement and engagements.

The best way to accelerate volunteerism is with the creation of a NEW PITTSBURGH Park District. This plan was outlined in a position paper released in May, 2004, at [1].

If people knew that our children would get ahead in life if they cut off their own right arm, I feel strongly that we'd see a lot of one-arm adults around Pittsburgh. And, I'm not talking about one-arm bandits or some slots for tots propaganda.

Our parks, pools, rec centers, playgrounds and afterschool programs with technology, reading, coaching and fitness is where we can begin and have early success of community engagement. But, this needs to be a democratic effort with sunshine laws, voting, petitions, and self-selected participants in a people's congress for park stewardship.

I am all about volunteerism, while the city has shut the door to help from others, in recent time.

  • I asked to be involved in the saving of the city's cable TV department. Bill didn't reply to my requests. I pulled Penn State University to the city but they were not granted a tour of the facilities.
  • I asked to be a leader on the aquatic task force, years ago. The force had only two meetings. I pushed and a post-agenda was called for City Council and the report was given. Bogus outcomes.
  • I called a public hearing about campaign finance reform in December, 2004. Bill picked a task force to work on the bill and gave it a 12 week delay. Bill has prevented me the opportunity to be ON the TASK FORCE.

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