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  • Dan B. Frankel, D, 50, Squirrel Hill, State Rep, 23rd, 2006 seeking another term.
  • First elected in 1998.
  • Should be challenged by an Independent or Libertarian. Running without any opponent from the Rs and Ds in 2006.
  • Frankel graduated from Pennington School in 1974 (prep) and Kenyon in Poli Sci, BS, 1978, Political elite
  • Jewish



  • His web site, as no suprise, has any Issue Page as of May 26, 2006.
  • Loves to use the tool of eminent domain and spoke at a state public hearing that the law should be looser, giving more power to the state to take people's property.
  • Loves TIFs and developers.
  • Frankel is a strong proponent of gun safety, hence, hates 2nd Amendment.
He has sponsored numerous pieces of legislation toward this goal and continues to participate in hearings and legislative events around the state. He serves as chairman of the House Common Sense Firearms Safety Caucus, a group charged with exploring sensible approaches toward the safe and lawful use of firearms.
  • Made mental health parity one of his legislative priorities. Since he took office, he has been working to ensure that insurance companies offer equal coverage for mental health, and to educate the public about mental health issues.


  • Friend of ex-mayor, Tom Murphy.
  • For a time, had considered a run for Mayor to follow Murphy, but Murphy's political career was in the gutter.

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