Also, Daniel Patrick Colgan


  • Candidate for PA Senate for the 2008 election.
  • Expected to announce his effort for office in early 2007
  • Running for seat held by Terry Punt who may retire after taking the pay raise
  • Pledge to PA Cleansweep.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, December 1st, 2006Edit

Contact: Communications Director, Colgan for Senate, 717-350-9385 or 717-632-8293

The Colgan for Senate campaign officially announced the candidacy of Daniel Patrick Colgan for the republican nomination for PA Senator of the 33rd District (Adams, York and Franklin Counties). This seat is currently held by Republican Terry Punt.

Mr. Colgan, a 37 year old McSherrystown Adams County resident, has been a vocal advocate of the need to reform Pennsylvania state government. "There has been a complete disregard by our State Assembly for the concerns of Pennsylvania citizens. This most recent election has sounded the trumpet. The legislators that banked on the short term memories of voters are now looking for new jobs and more will be doing so in 2008. The Pay raise debacle, the consistent mismanagement of our state budget, the lack of resolve and initiative to solve the long running property tax issue is now catching up with these career politicians. The change has begun and will continue until true reform is established. This goes well beyond that one issue though, Senator Punt has been a legislator in Harrisburg for over 30 years, and he's had more than his fair chance to make things happen. It's time for a change"

According to officials; the campaign will focus on issues important to the hearts of residents and small business owners in the district. Ever increasing school taxes and education costs, the loss of manufacturing jobs, rising health insurance costs, and melding the desire and needs of development with the concerns of the effects on our agriculture and environment will take center stage.

When asked his position on the current hot issue of a gambling casino near historic Gettysburg Mr. Colgan said the following; "The decision to promote gambling in Pennsylvania for the purpose of paying for education was a ridiculous idea altogether. That being said, Gettysburg Pennsylvania is hallowed ground and I am unequivocally against a casino being there. One simply needs to look at other areas of other states that have gambling casinos to see the effects they've had on those areas to know that we don't want it here. Given the chance, I will do whatever possible in my power to discourage it from ever coming to reality."

Mr. Colgan lives in McSherrystown, Pennsylvania with his wife Annette and his three children; Rebecca, Tara and Hannah. He has been employed as a computer professional for over 10 years.

Those wishing to volunteer on the campaign should contact the campaign office at (717) 350-9385 or (717) 632-8293

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