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Plank Don't kill. Edit

  • It is reasonable and human to eliminate the use of the death penalty at federal level and state levels.
  • Government should not have the power to take people’s lives.
  • Life imprisonment without parole is more appropriate for all crimes, even heinous crimes.
  • Use more instances of science such as DNA evidence in the justice system. Crime labs need proper levels of funding.

Insights Capital punishment is impractical.Edit

While the death penalty might be legal in some parts of world, for civilized society, the death penalty is impractical and something that can't be supported.

For the state to put a citizen to death, the burden of proof of guilt must go far beyond the normal threshold of reasonable doubt. Death penalty cases facilitate multiple appeals. The prolonged process could be considered cruel and unusual punishment. The drawn-out appeals process that proceeds administration of the death penalty creates a hefty financial burden on the state.

There is some worth in every human life. It might be hidden from us today, but it might have a helping purpose in the future.


Spending the rest of your life in a state prison is not pleasant. It’s a significant punishment. Punishment for atrocious offenses should fit the crime. However, no such thing can be achieved by the Legislature.

As a society I don’t believe we should sink to the level of the criminals.

If someone’s a rapist, we’re not going to rape him. If someone tortured their victim, we are not going to torture as a payback. We are reasonable and need to make deliberate moves to end cycles and downward spirals. We have a moral society that is different from the criminals.

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Opposition Streamline justice costs. Edit

Advocates of using the death penalty might say that cost issues with appeals could be worked out by reforming the state’s appeals system, thus removing the expense hindrance. No thanks. We need justice above all else.

Opposition Require DNA evidence. Edit

In order to hand down a punishment of the death penalty, require DNA evidence, say some death penalty advocates. Do be vigilant. We need to use more science and DNA evidence in our justice system. But know that there are no foolproof ways to ensure wrongful convictions never occur. Mistakes can be made in the criminal justice system. If you kill someone, you can’t reverse the mistake.

History Edit

  • In 2005, The Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper asked candidates running for Pennsylvania Senate, "What is your position on repealing the death penalty in Pennsylvania?" The answer from Mark Rauterkus was "Support." [1]
The published answers from the opponents in the race, Michael Diven and Wayne Fontana, was "Oppose."

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