Debate backgroundEdit

Question from a Wiki visitor: How many debates did the Mayoral candidates have in 2001? Should we set up a toastmasters-like group to prepare the LPPgh membership for public speaking?

Yes! Rauterkus 15:11, 9 Nov 2004 (EST)

Debates in 2001Edit

  • WQED hosted a debate in its studio with a special edition of OnQ. The debate featured all seven of the major party candidates in both the D and R primary. The format included one question and each got to offer an answer. At the end there was time for a closing statement from each. The Urban League was one of the co-hosts and got to pick most of the questions.
  • Jerry Bowyer, WPTT 1360 AM, hosted a 30-minute, call-in radio debate between the two GOP candidates: Mark Rauterkus and James Carmine.
  • The Post-Gazette held an endorsement meeting, but hardly a debate, with both Jim Carmine and Mark Rauterkus. (Carmine got the PG endorsement, as expected.)

Jim Carmine :

  • In the general election, one two-day debate was held at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Oakland branch and hosted jointly by Josh Pollock, a losing candidate in the Dem's primary, and myself, Mark Rauterkus, the second candidate in the Republican primary. This debate format featured extended time for an in-depth policy statement on the opening night. Then on the second night the debate featured back and forth questions and answers with a moderator, the editor of New Colonist, Eric Miller. Tom Murphy was a no-show on both nights. The participants in the mayor's race included James Carmine, Chaston Roston (Indy) and Frank F. (Socialist). Other candidates were part of the program's debate night at the library including County Sherrif candidates and a contested city-council race candidates: Bill Peduto and Joe Weinroth.
  • On Sunday night before the Tuesday election, a debate was held at PCNC. Four candidates participated. This was the only debate in to gather all the candidates in the race. PG debate coverage

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