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  • All debt and cash flow amounts should be published and charted on the city's internet site.


  • Debt cancellation needs to be considered in many instances.
In July 2005, the unprecedented worldwide pressure on Great Britian forced caused significant cancellation to some indebted countries.

Debt relief and debt cancellation should not come with damaging and undemocratic conditions typically attached to such deals. Failure to comply with these conditions leads to suspension of debt relief and a refusal to grant debt cancellation. Harmful strings are often attached to debt relief and cancellation, and those ills can be worse than the debt itself.

    • Tanzania was forced to privatise water provision, leading to a worse service and higher prices.
    • Ghana had to abolish a trade policy that would have let poor farmers compete with imports from rich countries.
    • Zambia had to cut much-needed spending on education, leaving it unable to employ thousands of teachers in a country where 40% of women are illiterate.
  • Debt relief is welcomed and needs to be explored in all instances.
  • I would work to end the damaging conditions attached to debt relief.
  • Debt relief should be implemented without conditions and should come with new freedoms. To loose freedoms is a step backward, regardless of the financial implications.
  • The World Bank and IMF should stop making debt relief conditional on poor countries adopting particular economic or trade policies.
  • Debt relief should not be tied to World Bank programs. When the World Bank decide which countries get the relief, those move effectively makes more dependence on World Bank policy conditions.
  • As possible, I'd insist upon full debt cancellation and not temporary debt relief. ==Links==
  • Debt

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