Navigate-grey Democracy issues include:Edit

  1. Democracy meta page
  2. Overlords
  3. Term limits
  4. e-democracy
  5. e-government
  6. Margin of Litigation
  7. Open source software
  8. Pittsburgh City Council
  9. party-levers in voting booths
  10. Referendums
  11. Pay to play also known as Campaign Finance Reform
  12. Proportional voting
  13. Political spotlights
  14. Judge of Elections is the lowest rung on ladder within our election process. Tips on running to fill these slots.
  15. Instant Runoff Voting, IRV
  16. NOTA None Of The Above
  17. Redistricting
  18. Ghost voting
  19. Local Government Academy enrollment pledge.
  20. Local Government matters and cooperation with state government.
  21. Campaign Finance Reform in Pittsburgh.
  22. Clean Elections
  23. Voting Machines
  24. Clipping Lame Duck actions.
  25. Neighborhood Democracy to prevail with reformed infrastructure and awards.
  26. Privacy with the roots of liberty.
  27. Ballot access
  28. Open Government
  29. HB 1065 is House Bill 1065 about "third party" delivery of absentee ballots
  30. PA Election Reform, a task force in 2005.
  31. Lobbyists
  32. Unicameral Legislature
  33. Democracy-quotes
  34. Voting age
  35. Voter owned elections also know as public financed candidates is starting in San Francisco.
  36. Voter Protection Act passes PA House in Feb 2006
  37. Ombudsman
  38. Size of legislature
  39. Ethics Hearing Board
  40. Signs
  41. Electoral College
  42. Open Primary Elections
  43. Reforming Harrisburg Leadership
  44. Flag burning
  45. Secretary of State

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