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Campaign Update: DC Downsizers have sent 4,278 messages to Congress opposing this incumbent protection bill. More are needed. The link to click to send your message is provided below:


Dear friend,

If GM set the rules for Ford, Ford would soon be bankrupt. Sadly, Congressional incumbents can do to their competitors what GM cannot. If H.R. 4694 passes into law . . .

  • You won't be able to use your own money to support or oppose federal candidates.
  • Taxes will fund all federal campaigns, with winners getting more money in the next election, and losers less.
  • Third parties and independents will have to collect petition signatures equal to 20% of the votes cast in the last election to get full funding, but paid petitioners will be outlawed!
  • It's well-established that challengers must outspend incumbents to unseat them. This law would make it impossible for any challenger to outspend any incumbent.
  • Your tax money will be used to fund candidates you oppose.
  • Candidates unwilling to take government funds will be prohbited from spending any money at all.
  • It will be illegal for citizens groups to spend money discussing federal campaigns.

This bill would be the absolute end of free elections in America.

To send Congress a message opposing H.R. 4694 click here: [1]

Jim Babka, President, Downsize DC, Inc.

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