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Source: Tom Martin, Candidate for US Senate from Pennsylvania.Edit


  • Elections shall be Free and equal (Pa Const Art I sec V).
  • If we the people are denied the opportunity to call these miss-managers to account at the ballot box, we are not free.
  • When the incumbents can guarantee no one can oppose them, their power and arrogance will only grow.
  • The instant pay-hike is irrefutable proof of how the Democrats and Republicans share the same contempt for the Constitution and We the people.
  • All justifications to keep opposition off the ballot is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that they refuse to respect the rights of We The People.
  • The Ballot access issue is far greater then the rights of Libertarians, It is about the fundamental rights of All Americans.
  • Sgt. Andrew W Brown of Pleasant Mount PA and Staff Sgt. Michel S.Voss Aberdeen NC died in Iraq for their democracy the same day Libertarian Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik and Green party candidate David Cobb were arrested trying to debate Bush and Kerry, why is the democracy of Iraqi’s more important to Bush then Americans freedom?
  • The rights of the Republican and Democratic Parties are not superior to that of the Citizens.
  • A just government respects the rights of all people equally.
  • In a free country opposition parties blessing is not required to run against them.
  • Freedom is the property of the citizens, not a privilege granted by the state.
  • The incumbents have manipulated the system so the citizen is weak and powerful stay powerful. Even capitalist like Adam Smith in his "Wealth of Nations" stated that monopoly is the enemy of good management and he went on to explain that monopoly always seeks the protection from competition by special government privileges.
  • The Democratic and Republican parties are special interest groups that do not deserve special government protection from the people.
  • Not only do the ballot access laws for non D's and R's violate the letter of the law (art I section V - civil power is being used to deny free and fair elections.) but the political white wash to justify this is the Republicans and Democrats masquerading their own interest as that of the state's. The state only has a vested interest in making sure that who ever votes is an eligible Pa voter - they do so no more then once per office/election and the candidate receiving the votes meets constitutional criteria. Separation of Political party and State!

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