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  • Dogs mixing in the Parks make a divided element today.
  • More citizens and residents are getting dogs for the sake of protection in their homes.


Dog Gone It -- Dog Licenses StillEdit

Michael Lamb ran for Mayor in the spring of 2005 and made hundreds of mentions around town about how both the city and the county sell dog licenses. Mergers and consolidation of services, even when talking about a simple task such as selling a dog license, could not be resolved by those on Grant Street.

Attending the ICA board meeting in October, 2005, one of the board members asked the budget director a direct question. "Are dog licenses still being sold by both the city and the county?"

The ICA held its budget hearing in October 2005, and a week later the ICA rejected Mayor Murphy's proposed 2006 budget. A few weeks later, in November 2006, the ICA again rejected Mayor Murphy's proposed budget, his second draft.



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