• Named as Chief of Police for City of Pittsburgh by Mayor Bob O'Connor.
  • Pittsburgh Police Chief Dom Costa announced (September 2006) he will retire from his post. Initially it was reported that Costa would take a leave of absence so he could continue to recover from a gunshot wound he suffered during a hostage standoff.
  • Dom Costa says he'll run for mayor against Luke Ravenstahl in the D's primary.




  • Went on disability. Got off of disability. Went back on disability again. (As per the Marty Griffin show on KDKA Radio, 10-19-06.)



Trib Column from Eric Heyl in October, 2006Edit

Dom Costa -- Old role: Indestructible police chief. Costa returned to the force in January, 2006, after three different doctors insisted that the bullet lodged in his head from a 2002 Homewood standoff would not seriously impede him from performing his chiefly duties.

New role: Disabled ex-police chief. Costa retired from the force in September because the bullet lodged in his head from a 2002 Homewood standoff was seriously impeding him from performing his chiefly duties.

No, Costa wasn't forced out. How could you think that?

Three different doctors just happened to misdiagnose him. Hey, no one ever claimed physicians are infallible.

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