• R, Arizona, Republican, 50, gubernatorial candidate in AZ in 2006

Goldwater, a candidate for governor in Arizona, said in a statement that his comments were taken out of context. He said he was calling for a work program for convicted nonviolent felons, similar to "tried and tested, effective and accepted practices" used by state and local jails.

  • Resigned as director of special events for the Arizona Department of Administration to prepare for the race. Goldwater said he would stay on as a partner in a development company.


"Build us that wall _ now!" Goldwater said, referring to a proposal to add 700 miles of fences along the U.S.-Mexico border. He promised then that if elected, he would put illegal immigrants in a tent city on the border and use their labor to build the wall.

Goldwater has already begun to hammer on illegal immigration, an issue that is going to have to remain on the front burner for any GOP candidate. He stressed Governor Napolitano’s milquetoast enforcement of Proposition 200, and claimed that within the first week of office, he would ensure its full enforcement.

Other issues he has mentioned so far are tax cuts, school choice, and reduction of the regulation of business.


"The state is headed in the wrong direction. We must return to the basic principles of limited government, individual liberty and economic freedom."


"In a Republican primary where no one candidate is likely to have more than a half-million dollars to spend, having Goldwater as a last name is definitely going to help," Sproul said.

Goldwater has been active in GOP circles politics for years. He is chairman of the District 16 Republicans in Phoenix, he oversees computer technology for the Maricopa County Republican Party and he attended the 2004 Republican Convention as an Arizona delegate.

Goldwater has run for office one other time, in 1992. He lost by a wide margin to John Huppenthal in a three-way Republican primary for the state Senate.

Goldwater would become the third announced Republican candidate to take on Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano, joining former Senate President John Greene of Phoenix and political newcomer Teresa Ottesen of Scottsdale.




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