Source, Saturday, July 15, 2006, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [1]

The Downtown core must be accessible to allEdit

I am writing in reference to the June 27 article "Report: Reroute Buses, Redo Square": [2] The proposals for change in transit routing Downtown are of great concern to me. I am a frequent user of public transit and find it convenient and supportive.

The proposal to remove buses from the Downtown core and the proposal for using shuttle buses both severely limit core access for senior citizens, those with physical limitations and those who lack individual transportation.

Both these proposals would mean greatly increased walking time and additional physical activity for these groups. These changes would in some cases be a deterrent to coming to the Downtown core and in others make core access an impossibility.

These proposals raise the issue of Downtown accessibility for citizens of the city. I believe that the Downtown core should be accessible for all citizens. If either of the proposals outlined is implemented it will be impossible for many people to participate in the activities of the "revitalized" Downtown.

My concern is that curtailment of transit to the Downtown core will create an atmosphere of "upper class," which I believe is not what a Downtown core should be. Downtown should represent all facets of the community, and limiting transit access does not address this concept. I hope that there is work toward a transit solution that allows a Downtown revitalization that maintains the concept of a Downtown area accessible for all.



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