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Candidate for Mayor, Bill Peduto published about Downtown:Edit

In front of the old G.C. Murphy's store on Forbes Avenue Downtown, City Councilman William Peduto released his plan for the complete revitalization of Downtown Pittsburgh.

"Downtown Pittsburgh is the hub of the Southwestern Pennsylvania region. The City's three rivers, bridges, distinctive hillsides, and historic architecture create a magnificent, internationally recognized cityscape. Capitalizing on this unique character to create a revitalized "24-hour" economic, residential, cultural, and entertainment center downtown is essential to the success of our city and our region." Peduto said.

The revitalization of Downtown Pittsburgh will be dependant on 12 key facets of growth. They are:

  • Public Participation in Downtown Development
  • Public Space Upgrades
  • Housing Downtown
  • A Safe and Clean Downtown
  • Fair and Equal Incentive Programs
  • Historic Preservation
  • Connecting all of Downtown
  • Parking and Transportation
  • Culture -- As an Economic Tool
  • Targeting Local Businesses
  • Youth Participation Downtown
  • Outdoor Recreation -- Redefining Downtown


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