• New to city in 2007.
  • City had Graffiti Busters trucks, with Tom Murphy's name on the side.
  • Three detectives, cameras.

A growing problem of graffiti vandalism has happened throughout the city.



Ways to Combat GraffitiEdit

Neighborhood organization and community groups can better partner with the police and Graffiti Busters to clean up our neighborhood.

Call 911 to report graffiti vandalism to start the process! Report it in a timely manner to the local police. The community’s responsibility is important.

After reporting the graffiti, make sure that pictures have been taken by the local police zone designated graffiti officer, or by a member of the Graffiti Task Force. If you are unsure if the pictures have been taken or not call 412-323-7818 or 412-323-7800 to inquire. Please request that pictures are taken prior to removing the graffiti.

The Pittsburgh Police Department has implemented a Graffiti database to assist officers in identifying and tracking graffiti activities. With the assistance of the community a high tech weapon is now being utilized to fight against graffiti taggers.

After pictures are taken the graffiti should be removed as soon as possible. Assistance is given through Graffiti Busters 412-255-2872. If the victim removes the graffiti privately please retain receipts for all of the costs involved.

Properties that are spray painted frequently may be used as “Bait” locations by the Graffiti Task Force (with the permission of the owners).

Please report suspicious individuals or possible taggers to the local police. Any help will assist the Graffiti Task Force in identifying taggers.

Please encourage neighbors to report all graffiti to the police. The Graffiti Task Force can speak to local community groups upon request. Start an information sharing network with neighbors to help combat this problem. The sharing of information via email has shown to be efficient and easy.

Stay vigilant and keep dark areas lit. Encourage your neighbors to report and clean graffiti from their properties.

Officers on the task force are typically in the office on weekdays and are available to speak with citizens. Forward all information that you feel is graffiti related to them.

Refer to graffiti as vandalism, not art and the perpetrators as vandals, not artists. It is not art; it is tagging and property destruction!

Sometimes the victims of graffiti are reluctant to press charges after violators are caught.