Also known as Jon_Robinson


  • D, long-time member of the Democratic Committee
  • Resides in Oakland
  • Attorney



P-G on PAT's Transit Cuts in March 2007Edit

Jonathan Robison, the founder of Save Our Transit, said the plan lost credibility because the 28X, the bus that runs from Oakland, to Downtown and out to the airport is still on the list to be cut.

"Everybody knows this bus is heavily used," he said, but before it started, Pittsburgh Limousine used to run a similar shuttle to the airport for $15 or $20.

"It's a plot to privatize," Mr. Robison said about the loss of the 28X. "This is something some people think they can make money on if they can charge $20 or more.

He called the current plan "cruel and stupid" -- cruel because of what it does to people who need the buses, stupid because it undermines years of effort to save mass transit.

"Why would anybody vote for a new tax when the county executive says even if we get the money we're going to go ahead with the cuts anyway?"


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