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  • Law professor at Duquesne University
  • Worked on Grant Street for past mayor administrations
  • D
  • talking head who is often interviewed and quoted for his political insights
  • Joseph Sabino Mistick is a lawyer and political analyst who resides in Squirrel Hill.



Feedback on the Dennis Regan flap from December, 2006Edit

    • Talking
    • "You can never be Bob O'Connor Jr. ... I think the sooner he realizes that, the sooner he'll be able to put together a team to get elected and run the city," said Joseph Sabino Mistick, a Duquesne University law professor. He said Ravenstahl lost an opportunity to come off as a strong leader. "This was a softball way to handle this situation," Mistick said. "I think he has done a masterful job in taking the (public) interest of a young mayor but, at some point, you've got to show substance." [1]

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