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I was born in Madison almost 50 years ago. My grandfather, A.J. "Hunk" Barrett, was a legendary math teacher, football coach and principal at Madison East High School. My father, Pete Barrett, earned advanced degrees in Law, Engineering, and Finance, and was an Olympic gold and silver medalist in sailboat racing. My mother, Laurie Barrett, who is still not sure what she thinks about my political activities (but admits that Building 7 is a mystery) is a math whiz and CPA among her many other talents.

I majored in journalism at UW-Madison because I wanted to be a writer, and spent my young adulthood dabbling in literature, film, and academic studies of the humanities. After studying world religions and spirituality, and falling in love with the beautiful Moroccan Muslim woman with whom I am still married, I converted to Islam in 1993. Wanting to learn more about the religion and culture, I earned a Ph.D. in African Languages and Literature (with an Arabic/Islamic Studies focus and a Folklore minor) in 2004.

In spring of 2006, I was turned down for a tenure-track Arabic/Humanities teaching job at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The Dean of Humanities, Howard Ross, still swears I was the best qualified of the three finalists. But the job was offered to the other two finalists, who both turned it down and took other offers. Still, the hiring committee chose to terminate their Arabic/Humanities program rather than hire me. Why? Then-Dean of Humanities Howard Ross, who was part of the initial stages of the hiring process, says he was told that I could not be hired because of my participation in the worldwide 9/11 truth movement, which seeks a new investigation of the mass murders of September 11th, 2001.

In June of 2006, shortly after I was denied the Whitewater job, Republican state legislators and Fox newscasters demanded that I be fired from my job at the University of Wisconsin-Madison - but the University refused to buckle, and I got high marks from my students.

Since then I have been working as a radio journalist with Genesis Communications Network, No Lies Radio, Republic Broadcasting Network, and We the People Radio Network. You can find my radio schedule here. Some of my best shows are archived here.

I was never especially interested in politics before. But after seeing what's been done to us during the past seven years, I am fighting to reclaim the country I thought I knew. Please join me! Together, we can take this country back.

Kevin Barrett

Lone Rock, WI

PS If you want to read more about me, check out my humorous autobiography Truth Jihad. Or read the Capital Times profile below.



Gives opponent a pink slip.

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