• Lisa Jones, Teacher, Pittsburgh Carrick High School
  • Resides in Beechview
  • Cross-filed as both Democrat and Republican in the 2011 election, and her opponent, Sherry Hazuda.
  • Had been an assistant coach for Track for a number of years.


Candidate meeting in April 2011Edit

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My fifteen years of teaching experience in the Pittsburgh Public Schools system will be an asset to the School Board. As a current teacher, I will be able to determine how effective the board policy decisions are in the classroom. I will share my insight with the board. I am passionate about the students receiving a quality education that meets their needs. I am willing to listen to other people's perspective and experience.

I am a professional and work with the public on a daily basis as a teacher. I am respectful of others' opinion. As a former engineer, all decisions I made were based upon research, data, and best practices. I am experienced in time management and providing services within a budget.

I believe the role of the School board is to set educational goals, policies to reach these goals, and create a budget that is effective in attaining these goals. As a board member, my responsibility is to use the taxpayers money efficiently in providing educational opportunities for our children.

Details Edit

I am an educator who has worked in the District for fifteen years. I have the unique perspective of witnessing and experiencing the impact of school policies in the classroom on a daily basis. I will be able to provide leadership and understanding to my fellow Board members about how their decisions may impact students. I have served on a curriculum reform and leadership committee.

The most critical issue facing the Pittsburgh Public School District is meeting the educational attainment goals within a limited budget. I will, therefore, focus educational dollars into the classroom where it impacts the students most.

Focus educational dollars into the classroom where it impacts the students most.

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