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Plank Self-funded Marathon Edit

  • Pittsburgh will be home again to a marathon, but it will be self-funding.
  • Pittsburgh's marathon course will not be a circle that ties up the entire city. Rather, use of bus ways, HOV lanes, river-side paths and out-and-back courses can be easier to manage in terms of police overtime.

Also a 'city on the go' can't afford to tie up traffic all morning, even on a Sunday.Edit

  • Lots of people work on Sunday or go to church. City officials may only work 9-5 on weekdays, but the private sector workers work on Sundays all the time.
The Los Angeles Olympics were self funded. Peter Uberroth took control.
The Boston Marathon costs the City of Boston $0. And, the race's start line stretches beyond the city's border.
The Regatta was cancelled then made into a self funded event. But, it wasn't legit.
  • Pittsburgh should host a 10-mile spring road race, not a marathon.
  • Should the marathon return, it should be in the fall.
  • The marathon should NOT be run in the loop fashion like it was done in the past. Rather, more prudent routes, perhaps of an out-and-back nature, on the busway for part, should be part of the events staging.


  • The marathon was killed because the overtime from the police killed it. The overtme costs were too great.
    • The sponsors were too poor.
    • The local support for the marathon was nice, but not anything to take to the bank.
  • A more purdent course structure would be welcomed in terms of cutting the race overhead by 80 percent.
  • A 10-mile race in the spring would generate a 500% increase in local support as well. Perhaps the Kenyons won't arrive, but frankly, I don't give a Volla Budd if they do.
  • Should a marathon take root, it should be coupled with an Three Day Iron Man Race as well. I'd love to see a three day staged race with a Friday swim in the rivers. A Saturday 110 mile bike race. Then a Sunday marathon.