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  • Making the Grade feature story by Pgh City Paper about Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Mark Roosevelt. September 2007. He has put the district on a steep learning curve. Can parents, teachers and students keep up?
  • School official may return from leave, turn consultant Post-Gazette, November, 2006 -- Mark Roosevelt said the school district and Lynn Spampinato had reached a 'mutual agreement' in which she would be 'relinquishing her full-time role' as the district's first deputy superintendent for instruction, assessment and accountability. Mr. Roosevelt said he was recommending the school board approve a consulting agreement with Dr. Spampinato to make her available 'to assist with academic initiatives.'"



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"A cyber school is a very iffy enterprise at this point," said Pittsburgh schools Superintendent Mark Roosevelt. "I hope the state looks at those numbers very carefully."


  • Jon Delano hosted Mark Roosevelt on the Sunday Business Page about the Pittsburgh Promise in Feb 2007. Show was put online in two segments.

DOING HIS PART TO BOOST ENROLLMENT. At age 51, Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Mark Roosevelt has returned to diaper duty.

He and his wife, Dorothy, last week adopted a Guatemalan baby named Juliana. She is 8 months old.

The Squirrel Hill couple had originally planned to name their daughter Emily. But when they met her over Thanksgiving, they decided to keep her birth name. Mr. Roosevelt recalled, "We saw her and thought, She's not an Emily. She's a Juliana."

It's a refresher course in babies for Roosevelt. His son Matthew is 21.

"The only thing I'm concerned about is sleep," he said. "Everything else I enjoy. But I must admit, I'm not good at sleep deprivation."

Editorial in the Tribune Review in May, 2008Edit

ROOSEVELT WILL NOT RUN. Besides facing a firestorm of criticism over his plan to close Schenley High School, city schools Superintendent Mark Roosevelt has also been the target of rumors about job opportunities elsewhere.

Roosevelt told Whispers he wants to dispel the gossip once and for all.

"I've been approached about a lot of jobs," he said. "I'm not interviewing with anybody. There was one job I got into deep discussion about, but it was not a superintendency."

Roosevelt declined to specify what that job -- or any of the others -- was about or where it might have taken him.