Motown flip-flop has sexy subtextEdit

By The Tribune-Review staff, May 18, 2008

Talk about an inexplicable policy change.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick told city employees that their text messages are considered private -- even if city money is used to pay for the phones or BlackBerrys used to send the messages.

The Detroit News reported in May, 2008, that this was an abrupt reversal from a previous Kilpatrick order to his staff that all electronic communications sent on city equipment should be considered public.

What prompted Kilpatrick's change of heart? His spokesman, James Canning, would say only that city policies are subject to review and update.

But Kilpatrick and his former top assistant last year testified at a whistle-blowers' trial that they were not romantically involved -- and then their testimony was contradicted by sexually explicit text messages the pair had been sending to each other on their city-owned communication devices.

We're guessing this particular policy was subject to review and update shortly after the lovebirds -- who exchanged 14,000 text messages -- were charged with perjury.