New Zealand becomes fourth best country to be a motherEdit

(Xinhua) 2008-05-12 10:56

WELLINGTON - New Zealand is the fourth best country in the world to be a mother, according to a study released by a non-governmental organization in the country on Sunday.

The organization "Save the Children" has come up with the rankings based on which countries are best at reaching children with basic healthcare measures.

Executive Director of the organization John Bowis said: "Mother's Day is a chance to remind ourselves that while New Zealand mothers are reasonably well off, there are many others who are not."

He said a typical New Zealand mum can expect to live to be around 83 and have access to contraception. He said that is very different to what mothers can expect in places like Africa where life expectancy is just 45 and only 4 percent of women have access to contraception.


In another development, a survey of almost 3,000 new mothers in New Zealand showed nine out of 10 are satisfied with the maternity services they received.