DeSantis to Ravenstahl: ‘Start keeping your promise’Edit

Mark DeSantis to Ravenstahl: 'Start keeping your promise' The people of Pittsburgh deserve results, not empty rhetoric


A recent KDKA report by Marty Griffin pointed out that the Pittsburgh Promise education program proposed by Luke Ravenstahl in December will not be able to meet its goal. (KDKA.COM) The program was designed to provide high school seniors in the Pittsburgh Public School System with as much as $5,000 per year to apply towards college tuition beginning in 2008. (See Teachers union gives $10,000 to new city scholarship fund by Joe Smydo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 12, 2007.)

The only money contributed to the program was $10,000 from the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers in January of 2007. Griffin's report revealed that despite Ravenstahl's assertions in December, the program will not be funded by the foundation community.

The mayor's press release stated:Edit

"It is expected that the Pittsburgh Promise will be funded through an endowment and an annual fund raising campaign from private donors. An official cost analysis is currently underway." December 13, 2006 press release from Luke Ravenstahl.

Ravenstahl announced the plan at a scheduled press conference on December 13, 2006. During that press conference, he made a commitment to Pittsburgh voters. Sadly, he has not lived up to his promise. At the time he stated the program was: "a college access program as well as a revitalization strategy for us in the city of Pittsburgh." He predicted that it would encourage parents already living in the city to stay. "Not only will they not move out," he said, "I'm confident that families, middle-income families, and families that value education will move into the city of Pittsburgh when we have this up and running." (See Tuition grants a lure for city schools by Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 14, 2006.)

Mark DeSantis comments: Edit

"Mr. Ravenstahl is yet again not living up to the duties of his office or the promises he makes to the citizens of Pittsburgh. Anyone can hold a press conference and announce a plan. An announcement is not governing or leadership, only actions matter and false promises are definitely not leadership." "Our public school students should not be given false hope and used for election year gimmicks. As an entrepreneur and adjunct professor at CMU, I understand the importance of education to the success of our children's future in a 21st Century economy. I will make educational opportunity for our children a top priority of my administration."