Justin kownacki

Justin Kownacki, a main organizer of Podcamp Pittsburgh.

Thanks to Sponsors of Podcamp Pittsburgh 3Edit

October 2008

We would not have had such a success without your interest, enthusiasm and interaction with your podcamping peers.

Remember, as you discuss and celebrate your attendance here, tag your posts with "pcpgh3" -- this will help those searching for related material to find your creative endeavors.

PCPGH3 is not the end, but the beginning of a new year's worth of social media events, both in Pittsburgh and the region. Please come back to our site,, and join the forums, watch the news, and keep up on the events listings.

Our sponsors made the weekend cost-free for most of us - take a moment to peruse this brief listing:

  • Viddler ( ) -- In addition to providing a high-quality, interactive video platform (and helping spread the word about PCPGH3), Viddler's Brandice Schnabel also led a session on understanding the ins & outs of web ettiquette
  • ShowClix ( ) -- ShowClix's Lynsie Camuso was instrumental in creating our registration system, as she does for event-based clients around the country who need fast mobile check-in solutions
  • Pittsburgh Gateways ( ) -- We couldn't have done PCPGH3 without Gateways, whose financial assistance helped us keep our books straight and our minds on the details that matter (rather than, you know, taxes...)
  • Wear Pittsburgh ( ) -- If you didn't get a PCPGH3 t-shirt, celebrate your love for the 'burgh by nabbing one of WearPittsburgh's distinctive "neighborhood" styles (including the much-loved "pierogi" and "parking chair" shirts).
  • Jason Cable ( ) -- Jason's GLBT podcast and his passion for activism were front and center at this year's event -- and so were his nifty complementary notepads and PCPGH pens!
  • ElasticLab ( ) -- ElasticLab's founder, Julie Morey, flew in from Colorado to share her expertise as a web startup whose business plan heavily involves social media -- and she's always searching for new talent to bring into the ElasticLab fold...

PCPGH meet-upEdit