In a September '05 national survey, 69% percent of the voters said they consider their elected officials to be "employees of the people." That's sixty-eight percent who thought that legally binding employment contracts with the voters stating that a candidate, if elected, will make good on specific campaign promises within a defined length of time - or not run again - was a "good idea."

Government's purpose is defined within the constitution.Edit

Government is to serve the needs of the people: citizens, voters, children, property owners, taxpayers. Edit

In feudal times, kings ruled. People gave service to the throne.

The public sector is not a suitable engine for the creation of wealth.Edit

The public sector should funcition in efficient and smooth ways to allow private sector the opportunity to generate wealth and drive the economy.

Service to citizens matters. The customers come first, not the employees.Edit

Some priorities within some public sector workers seem to need more examination with a sharper focus. Too often things are done so as to serve the employees, the powerful, and special interests.

Customer service attitudes must be rooted within governmental departments. Serve the taxpayers, citizens, customers, and most of all, the residents.

Citizen ServiceEdit

Volunteerism, and concepts such as everyday citizens matters greatly too. This is a reverse of service to citizens as I'm talking about citizens giving service and being self-reliant. But they are hooked. The government officials must crave citizen input. And, systems and structures must be put in place to allow for inputs, critiques, comments, reactions, insights and plain-old observations.

I'm accessible. And, I'm going to build accessible platforms. Plank Edit

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The quality of service cannot exceed the quality of systems through which it is delivered. Bad processes and confusing, irrational or out-of-date policies yield bad products and services.

Ensure Public Safety.Edit

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