Art Work NeedsEdit

Build alternative "Fix PA" logos. See category:logo.



As an idea, take what is there now and do a ragged right edge, so that it looks like the right side of the state of PA.

Computer ProgrammingEdit

  • Build a box that can make our own distro. Contact Mark Rauterkus User:Rauterkus.


  • Insert conent on stub pages.
  • Create new pages.

Migrate from old to newEdit

  • Migrate content from the old wiki, to this wiki.
  • As you copy pages, delete them from the old wiki. Keep all the links and file names the same titles.

Migrate from elsewhere to hereEdit

  • Get solid PA political content from Wikipedia.
  • Get the wiki data from Politics PA and upload it here, after we get their buy-in, of course.

Deep LinksEdit

Wikinews LinksEdit


  • Promote this wiki to the Pitsburgh folks at Wikipedia.
  • Same with the Philly folks at Wikipedia.

Wikia help Edit

Other site FaviconEdit

Blip VideoEdit

I love the tag for <youtube> video display. But, can we get it to work for Blip.TV too?

How would you put this link on the wiki?

It would be great to do <BlipTV>201355</BlipTV>


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